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Here's Proof That It Will All Be OK

Just take a deeeeeep breath.

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Sometimes life can get a little... tricky.

And you start to feel a little stuck.

Or just kinda flat.

But you know, even the cutest of us have it rough sometimes.

So when you start to feel like you'll never get out of this...

Just remember, this manatee has your back.

(via Calming Manatee)

You live in a world where THIS is a food.

And this!

No matter what, you'll always have those nights where you get to fall asleep to the rain.

And the world may be crazy sometimes, but Olive Garden still gives you Andes Mints at the end of your meal.

Bulldog puppies are still really really adorable.


Told you!

Plus, you have at least one friend that's totally pulling for you.

No matter how bad it gets, there's still the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

A lot of things change, but even though you might not watch it, "Wheel of Fortune" is still on TV.

It's the little things, like a rainy weekend morning where you get to stay in bed.

Or a lovely summer night.

Some things are just out of your control. And that's OK!

But everyone's rooting for you!

You TOTALLY got this.

This otter can't wait to see you shine.

Peanut butter still goes really well with jelly.

And no matter what, putting clean sheets on your bed will still feel amazing.

So try to focus on the really really good things.

Life still goes on.

Remember, you're not alone!

You're definitely not alone.

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