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23 Photos That Are Way, Way Too Real For Vegetarians

Say "bacon." Say "bacon" one more time.

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3. ...and the internet commenters.

4. Grocery shopping: the bad...

6. When your family isn't 100% on board.

7. Or when someone smugly says this:

"I was a vegetarian for like a day after seeing Food, Inc. But bacon!" #vegetarianproblems


9. What it feels like not spending money buying meat.

10. "Funny" jokes that aren't even true.

13. The eternal struggle of the broth.

15. Dealing with everything in this pie chart.

16. Secret meat.

When the chef puts chicken in your salad.... #VegetarianProblems #VeganProblems ”


17. When people throw shade about your Gardenburgers.

The perils of #NationalVegetarianWeek colliding with #summer #BBQ season... #VegetarianWeek #vegetarianproblems

18. The debates you didn't really sign up for.

19. When people think all you eat is "salad."

"Don't you get tired of eating the same thing as a vegetarian?" What are you talking about.


21. Trying to find options.

Literally my life. #vegetarianproblems

22. And usually eating waaaaay too much starch.

23. And of course, amateur nutritionists.