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23 Things That Could Only Happen In San Francisco

Besides spending 3/4 of your income on rent.

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1. This single-origin brownie flight.

2. A voter's guide that lists the slope of the street.

3. A drone delivering weed.

It's real.

4. This ad.

5. A $55 banana holder for your bike.

6. A community truth journal in the back of a Lyft.

7. A coffee shop sign written in Javascript.

8. These temperature differences within a few blocks of each other.

9. This ad.

10. A cop riding a quadski.

11. This outdoor beanbag meeting at Salesforce.

12. This generous offer.

13. This restaurant that takes cryptocurrency.

14. This headline.

15. A yoga room at the airport.

Namaste, SFO.
Twitter: @MrBrickTop

Namaste, SFO.

16. Some alphabet street art you probably won't find in a children's book.

17. This construction sign that's heading to Oracle later.

18. A special post-Playa car wash.

19. A billboard that only your developer can read.

20. A very micro-targeted mattress ad.

21. The double-0 420 building.

22. This Red Bull ad.

23. And this AMAZING deal on rent.

The best things at three price points