16 Cool Starbucks Frappuccinos You Can’t Get In America

*buys plane ticket immediately*

1. Coffee Jelly Frappuccino (Asia Pacific)

jkstarrr / Via instagram.com

What it is: Coffee jelly, made from actual brewed coffee, is mixed with a coffee Frappuccino and whipped cream.

2. Melon Frappuccino (Japan)

vho_hsieh / Via instagram.com

What it is: New this summer, this drink contains panna cotta cream and a melon sauce that has pieces of actual cantaloupe and whipped cream.

3. Vampire Frappuccino (UK, Europe, Central America)

starbuckssecretmenu / Via instagram.com

What it is: A chocolate Frappuccino with strawberry sauce released as a special Halloween drink in 2015.

4. Brigadeiro Frappuccino (Brazil)

amcbueno / Via instagram.com

What it is: Brigadeiro is a popular Brazilian chocolate truffle. The drink contains chocolate chips, white mocha sauce, mocha sauce, and milk, served in a cup lined with brigadeiro sauce.

5. Baked Cheesecake Frappuccino (Japan)

mis2kit7 / Via instagram.com

What it is: A vanilla base blended with pieces of graham cracker crust and then topped with browned, or “baked,” whipped cream.

6. Poké Ball Frappuccino (New Zealand)

therealstarbuckssecretmenu / Via instagram.com

What it is: A layer of vanilla Frappuccino topped with a layer of strawberry Frapp, and then finished with strawberry whipped cream. (OK, you could order this, bespoke-style, in the US, but you’d miss the fun of saying, “one Poké Ball Frapp, please.”)

7. Summer Berry Panna Cotta Frappuccino (Singapore)

a115016 / Via instagram.com

What it is: Blueberries, cranberries, mulberries, strawberries, milk, and ice on top of a layer of panna cotta pudding, finished with whipped cream and a sweet berry drizzle.

8. Banana Frappuccino (Japan)

tammm1 / Via instagram.com

What it is: Japan’s special summer 2014 Frapp let you choose between banana and caramel (above) or banana and chocolate. Each drink contained a whole banana.

9. Yogurt Frappuccino (Greece)

ellamariella / Via instagram.com

What it is: A Greek yogurt blend that’s available in three flavors: strawberry, banana, and honey.

10. Orange Honeycomb Crunch Frappuccino (Phillippines)

What it is: In 2015, Starbucks released this treat, made with real orange bits, honeycomb, and orange drizzle.

11. Lemon Vanilla Frappuccino (UK)

crackberrycream / Via instagram.com

What it is: A summer 2015 drink made with vanilla syrup, lemon sauce, lemon drizzle, and a cookie meringue topping.

12. Algarrobina Frappuccino (Peru)

What it is: Algarrobina is syrup made from the black carob tree, which is popular in Peruvian cuisine. This chocolaty drink has an algarrobina drizzle.

13. Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino (Asia, Australia)

cecillejoy / Via instagram.com

What it is: A strawberry Frapp topped with cheesecake-flavored whipped cream and graham cracker crumbs, and blended with a “cheese syrup.” (A lot of people were not feeling the cheese syrup.)

14. Cajeta Frappuccino (Mexico)

marion_juls / Via instagram.com

What it is: Cajeta is a dulce de leche–like caramel sauce made from sweetened goat’s milk.

15. Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino (China, Asia Pacific)

hchan0917 / Via instagram.com

What it is: Sweetened whole kernels of red beans scooped on top of a Green Tea Frappuccino.

16. Hojicha Frappuccino With Earl Grey Tea Jelly (Japan, Asia Pacific)

sthanapat / Via instagram.com

What it is: Introduced in 2012, this drink features hojicha (a Japanese green tea) and Earl Grey tea jelly.

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