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    30 Words For "Fart," Ranked

    A post we can all get behind.

    30. Cutting the cheese

    29. Roaring from the rear

    28. Rebuilding the ozone layer

    27. The lean mean bean machine

    26. Sphincter siren


    25. Thunder from down under

    24. Fragrant foof

    23. Doing the one-cheek sneak

    22. Free jacuzzi

    21. Nut knocker

    20. Saluting my shorts

    19. Ringing the Taco Bell

    18. Floorboard lifter

    17. Firing a stink torpedo

    16. Mouse on a motorcycle

    15. White Castle's revenge

    14. Just calling your name

    13. Passing the ass gas

    12. Floating an air biscuit

    11. Stomping on the barking spider

    10. Fartrogen dioxide

    9. The cry of the imprisoned turd

    8. Pop a fluffy

    7. Launching an air loaf

    6. Horton hears a poo

    5. Anal exhale

    4. Vladimir Pootin'

    3. Insane in the methane

    2. Colon bowlin'

    1. Blasting the butt tuba

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