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    15 Facts You'll Want To Tell All Your Friends

    Too bad there's no Doritos emoji!

    1. The internet weighs as much as a strawberry.

    2. Cap'n Crunch isn't really a captain (or even a cap'n).

    3. Woolly mammoths were still around about 1000 years after the pyramids were built.

    4. Watermelon is both a fruit and a vegetable.

    5. When you fall in love, you lose two close friends.

    6. The bushes in Super Mario are just recolored clouds.

    7. Put an "ss" in front of the URL of any YouTube video to download it.

    8. "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo" is a grammatically correct sentence.

    9. American flags made in China are banned in the U.S. military.

    10. Rain contains vitamin B12.

    11. New York City was the capital of the U.S. from 1785 to 1790.

    12. Doritos make excellent kindling material.

    13. The word "startling" is pretty badass.

    14. Ice cream makes your body warmer because of its fat content.

    God, I love fat content.

    15. Scientists believe you replace every cell in your body every 7-10 years.