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    25 Excellent Reasons To Eat More Cheese

    Not that you need convincing.

    1. Eating seven weekly servings of dairy can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

    According to a recent study of 4,000 people in Taiwan, "The key is daily consumption of dairy foods — but at the rate of about five servings over a week." Bring on the brie!

    2. Cheese plates are ridiculously cute.

    It's like a ~work of art.~

    3. People have been eating cheese since before the dawn of recorded history.

    Even the earliest evidence of cheese-making goes all the way back to 5,500 BC. It is very important to respect the traditions of our ancestors.

    4. You don't have to spend tons of cash to get quality cheese.

    5. Fondue is a super easy dinner option, and means you get to eat bread dripping with cheese as A MEAL.

    6. This portable cheese melter could change your life forever.

    Can tea lights melt ham? Didn't think so.

    7. Full-fat cheese is a good source of protein that isn't as bad for your cholesterol as you'd think.

    8. Who needs an actually wedding cake when you can have a wedding "cheesecake"?

    9. FOUR WORDS: Grilled cheese ice cream sandwich.

    View this video on YouTube

    10. Nachos are freakin' delicious.

    11. It's good alone...OR paired with things.

    12. Blue cheese has anti-inflammatory properties.

    13. You can replace boring, healthy sushi with cheese.

    Wait. WHAT.

    14. You know what cheese goes really well with? WINE.

    Even if it's string cheese and Barefoot chardonnay.

    15. Grilled cheese and tomato soup is scientifically proven to cure colds, fevers, and general unhappiness.

    16. Cheese is vegetarian if you make sure it's free of animal rennet.

    Do it for the plants.

    17. All you have to do is buy it and place it on a board and you seem impressive.

    18. There's nothing better than an ice-cold, tangy slice of mozzarella in the summer.

    19. Cheese is objectively the best drunk food.

    Pizza, nachos, mozz sticks, cheese curds, cheeseburgers, and poutine are actual beer sponges.

    20. Some soft cheeses like cheddar, swiss, Parmesan, and particularly gouda contain scores of healthy probiotics.

    Which is great for your small intestine and your entire colon's business. Yay!

    21. IT'S SO MELTY.

    22. Cheese is high in vitamin B12. You need vitamin B12 to survive.

    23. It's good when it's hot...

    24. ...and when it's cold.

    25. Cheese may actually prevent cavities.


    According to the Academy of General Dentistry, cheese and other dairy products even out the pH of your mouth, suggesting that dairy has anti-cavity properties. Good enough for me!

    In conclusion: