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30 Awkward Moments Every Short Girl Understands

For everyone who's ever stood on a countertop.

1. Having to use countertops as counterbottoms.

2. People feeling compelled to point out the obvious.

if i had a dollar for every time someone called me short...

3. Explaining this to people.


5. Sitting behind ANYONE.

6. Selfies don't always go the way you planned.

7. Mastering the grand art of cuffing.

Having to do this to every pair of jeans I have because if they fit my waist they're too long. #shortgirlproblems

8. ...or else this happens.

9. Always being the last to get anywhere.

10. Trying to get bartenders or customer service people to see you.

11. Stepstools. Stepstools EVERYWHERE.

12. Maxi skirts become maxi dresses.

13. ...and every skirt becomes a maxi skirt.

14. Adjusting your car seat after someone tall has driven it.

15. Playing the fun game "Sweatshirt or dress?"

16. Grocery stores turn into ersatz rock-climbing walls.

When you can't reach the powdered sugar on the top shelf... @BrikMobley @SHORTGlRLS #shortgirlproblems

17. And sometimes you just give in.

18. One word: laundry.

19. Getting made fun of at theme parks for only JUST meeting the height requirement.

20. Bathroom mirrors just don't seem to get it.

21. Feeling like you're always sitting in a high chair.

22. Being hard to spot in group pics.

23. Getting into really tall beds.

24. Snow. Any snow.

25. Kissing.

26. Having to get REALLY good at hemming.

27. Answering people's dumb questions.

28. Stores that don't have a petites section.

29. Road trips.

30. But just remember this motto!