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    Posted on Oct 2, 2014

    28 Things Only Alpha Delta Pi Sisters Will Understand

    Diamonds are forever.

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    1. Having to hunt hard to find a college photo where you're NOT doing diamonds.

    2. Buying a ton of camo just for Mallard Ball.

    3. Every lion forever being known to you as Alphie.

    4. Still remembering rush cheers word for word.

    5. Thinking the crest is totally beautiful.

    6. Getting all glammed out for Black Diamond Ball.

    7. Still doing the secret handshake when you meet a new sister.

    8. Hoarding all your awesome jewelry.

    9. Believing wholeheartedly in the mission of our philanthropy.

    10. Feeling lucky that you got the best colors — what's better than azure and white?

    11. Singing this at the top of your lungs even if you couldn't carry a tune.

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    12. Believing that our sisterhood is a way of life no matter where in the world you are.

    13. Not wanting to eat all the custom goodies because they're SO CUTE.

    14. Your sisters always being there to inspire you and challenge you.

    15. Keeping in touch with your Big.

    16. Sharing life's best moments with your sisters.

    17. Never meeting a puff paint you didn't like.

    18. Working really hard for a good cause.

    19. Having tons of cute group photos.

    20. Adding a little ~something blue~ into your wedding.

    21. The memory of your Bid Day still making you get a little misty.

    22. Hanging on to all your bling.

    23. Never meeting a theme mixer you didn't like.

    24. Still sporting your favorite ADPi tops.

    25. Reading the Adelphean four times a year.

    Alpha Delta Pi website / Via

    26. Still occasionally signing off emails with "Pi Love."

    Boutique Greek / Via

    27. Knowing there's something extra special about being a part of the first ever U.S. sorority!

    ADPi Facebook Page / Via Facebook: MyADPi

    28. ...and carrying on the legacy for years to come.

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