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    23 Crazy McDonald's And Starbucks Items You Can't Get In The US


    1. Wasabi Filet-o-Fish (McDonald's Hong Kong)

    jetpackjason / Via

    A special edition of the Filet-o-Fish limited to Asia, this sando is spiked with tangy wasabi.

    2. Banana Frappuccino (Starbucks Japan)

    tammm_1 / Via

    Fresh banana and chocolate cream in a frapp? Hell to the yes.

    3. Boerenfriet (McDonald's Belgium)

    joyce_inhetbuitenland / Via

    🚨 🚨🚨🚨 THICK MCDONALD'S FRIES. Thank you for this gift, Belgium (and of course, they come with a mayo dipping sauce). 🚨🚨🚨

    4. Marshmallow Twizzle (Starbucks UK & Ireland)

    m390t / Via

    You'll have to cross the pond to score these CRAZY DELICIOUS marshmallow pops.

    5. Sakura McFizz (McDonald's Malaysia)

    shelbybisou / Via

    This combination of Sprite + Ribena (a blackcurrant-flavored juice drink) is as beautiful as it is tasty.

    6. Greek Mac (Greece)


    A Big Mac variant on pita bread with tzatziki sauce.

    7. Bubblegum Squash McFlurry (McDonald's Australia)

    coffeechic13 / Via

    Relax: There is no ACTUAL squash in this. It’s blue bubble gum syrup and cute marshmallows mixed into the standard soft-serve.

    8. Cinnamon Spiced Apple Bircher (Starbucks UK)

    annalisemay / Via

    The UK's yogurt, oats, apple, and muesli pot sounds perfect for fall. Guess we'll never know. :(

    9. McBeer (McDonald's in chill countries)

    _ryanbowron / Via

    Residents of Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and other European countries can get their beer on at McD's β€” and now some Asian countries, too.

    10. Iced Matcha & Espresso Fusion (Starbucks Hong Kong, Australia)

    rose_lee_1228 / Via

    *extremely Lazy Sunday voice* Green tea + espresso = crazy delicious.

    11. Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry (UK)


    If we give you your tea back, can we have this, England?

    12. Bubur Ayam (McDonald's Indonesia)

    sabaheats / Via

    Sadly, you can't find this McD's spicy chicken porridge in the States.

    13. Pancakes (Starbucks Europe)

    raissavalidjanova / Via


    14. Taro Pie (McDonald's China and a brief stint in Hawaii)

    hyororo_v / Via

    This sweet pastry is delicious. And PURPLE.

    15. Coffee Jelly Frappuccino (Starbucks Asia)

    chorizocuttle / Via

    Pleeeeeeease. Please.

    16. The Nurnburger (McDonald's Germany)

    jwjansen82 / Via

    OF COURSE German McDonald's has a bratwurst sandwich.

    17. Tsukimi Burger (McDonald's Japan)

    ikehonda / Via

    Head to Japan to try this "moon-viewing burger": a hamburger that's topped with fry sauce, bacon, a poached egg (representing the moon), and cheese. It's served during Japan's autumn moon festival.

    18. Charcoal Walnut Raisin Bun (Starbucks Thailand)

    ryryjung / Via

    For when you're feeling goth AF but also you want a snack.

    19. Pizza McPuff (McDonald's India)

    somz392 / Via

    Because sometimes you just need a pastry stuffed with pizza filling, ya know?

    20. Peanut Butter Panini (Starbucks Indonesia)

    Peanut butter, condensed milk, and panini bread? Yes, please.

    21. McRice (McDonald's Indonesia, Phillippines)

    skamutza / Via

    Yup, in these McD's you can get just a plain rice patty.

    22. McMolletes (McDonald's Mexico)


    Head south to nab these English muffins spread with beans and topped with a slice of melted cheese and pico de gallo.

    23. Asian Dolce Latte


    Starbucks describes this as β€œa latte with a unique Asian twist": It's espresso layered with dolce sauce and topped with espresso whipped cream and a dusting of ground espresso. But alas, you can only get it β€” obviously β€” in Asia.