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    Bozoma St. John Is The Coolest Person To Ever Go Onstage At An Apple Event

    Put her in charge of everything, please.

    Bozoma Saint John, the head of global consumer marketing for Apple Music and iTunes, is the actual coolest person ever.

    So when Saint John made her Apple event debut at Monday's Worldwide Developers' Conference, everyone agreed that her presence was a welcome change to Apple's usual lineup of presenters: mostly middle-aged white men.

    Everyone immediately fell in love with her.

    🚨🚨 BLACK WOMAN ON STAGE AT #WWDC2016!!! 🚨🚨

    Bozoma is my new idol. #FellowGhanaianSista

    FYI Apple, more Bozoma, less Eddie. Your welcome.

    I am in love with Bozoma Saint John, please have her do every WWDC Keynote


    Can someone please bring back Bozoma?

    But the absolute best part was when Saint John played "Rapper's Delight" to an audience full of nerdy engineers... and tried to get them to rap along.

    ...And it was super awkward.

    white people clapping off beat at Apple event is my favorite thing ever

    the wwdc sugarhill gang moment is the most embarrassed ive ever been in my entire life

    bozoma saint john is trying to get a room of developers to rap to a song they are probably hearing for the first time ever

    Given Apple's usual showcase of dad moves, Saint John was the best dancer the company has ever put on the stage.


    Glory and honor and praise to the Most High. I'm ready. #Apple #WWDC #AppleMusic #AppleNews