Can You Make It Through This Post Without Throwing Your Phone Across The Room?

    Deep breaths. Here we go.

    1. Hello and welcome to this post! We're looking for someone special for this challenge, and I guess...

    2. First of all, you should make sure you have enough energy in your tank for this.

    3. Because remember:

    4. Just hang in there and it will all be fine!

    5. Ready? Here we go! First, look at this great sale:

    6. While you're at it, check out this deal too!

    7. What about this balloon? Anything wrong with this?

    8. Or this car sticker?

    9. Be careful that things don't start to get out of hand.

    10. After all, this is a day for celebration!

    11. We'd hate to have to send in some...

    12. Don't worry, your rage will wear off soon enough. Because:

    13. And you can always fix your mistakes.

    14. You must be quite stressed at this point. Maybe it's time for some aromatherapy?

    15. Here, take a break and focus on the joys of life.

    16. This person DOES make an excellent point.

    17. What's wrong with having...?

    18. Do you feel a little anxious yet?

    19. Like maybe you need to cleanse your spirit?

    20. Or maybe you're just feeling hungry.

    21. It's all going, to be just fine.

    22. All your dreams will soon be forfilled!

    23. As long as you take the time to forgive yourself.

    24. Just take a deep breath and think of everyone who's finished this challenge, because...