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    20 Reasons Being A Girl In The Summer Is The Worst

    *frantically pats bra with paper towels in office bathroom*

    1. No matter what bra you wear, this is going to happen:

    2. Face sunscreen is expensive AND greasy.

    3. If you're a lady who shaves her legs, shorts and dresses mean you have to do it ALL THE TIME.

    4. This pesky problem:

    5. Getting catcalled and street harassed because it's 90 degrees so you wore a sundress.

    6. Which means you spend approximately $400 a month on stupidly expensive razor blades.

    7. Dirty sandal feet seriously cramp your style.

    8. Shorts = chafing = HELLO HUGE BOTTLE OF BABY POWDER.

    9. Dealing with the "bikini line" situation is literally the worst.

    10. Weird sandal tans.

    11. Strapless bras are a medieval torture device, but guess who gets to wear them all summer? You!

    12. The horror of having your period when it's 95 degrees outside:

    13. Aww, you thought you were going to wear that white sundress today? Adorable!

    14. Also, having your period AT THE BEACH.

    15. Trying to find a bathing suit that can actually go in the water is a challenge.

    16. Those cute new summer sandals? Welcome to back-of-the-heel-blisters world!!

    17. Your hair with humidity:

    18. And there's nothing worse than trying to blow dry your hair in a hot, un-air conditioned room.

    19. Wearing a sheer sundress and not realizing your white underwear has been visible through it ALL DAY:

    20. Any makeup you put on will sweat off your face instantly.