20 Reasons Being A Girl In The Summer Is The Worst

*frantically pats bra with paper towels in office bathroom*

1. No matter what bra you wear, this is going to happen:

2. Face sunscreen is expensive AND greasy.

And you have to reapply it constantly. It’s like rubbing $20 bills into your face.

3. If you’re a lady who shaves her legs, shorts and dresses mean you have to do it ALL THE TIME.

4. This pesky problem:

5. Getting catcalled and street harassed because it’s 90 degrees so you wore a sundress.

How DARE you.

6. Which means you spend approximately $400 a month on stupidly expensive razor blades.

7. Dirty sandal feet seriously cramp your style.


9. Dealing with the “bikini line” situation is literally the worst.

10. Weird sandal tans.

11. Strapless bras are a medieval torture device, but guess who gets to wear them all summer? You!

And by the end of the day, you’ll be wearing it around your waist!

12. The horror of having your period when it’s 95 degrees outside:

13. Aww, you thought you were going to wear that white sundress today? Adorable!

14. Also, having your period AT THE BEACH.

15. Trying to find a bathing suit that can actually go in the water is a challenge.

16. Those cute new summer sandals? Welcome to back-of-the-heel-blisters world!!

17. Your hair with humidity:

18. And there’s nothing worse than trying to blow dry your hair in a hot, un-air conditioned room.


19. Wearing a sheer sundress and not realizing your white underwear has been visible through it ALL DAY:

20. Any makeup you put on will sweat off your face instantly.

It’s not even worth wearing any, tbh.

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