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Amanda Bynes' Adorable 2001 Magazine Cover

"I'm not very good at drawing feet, but I think I've perfected drawing eyes."

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Amanda, please, tell us about your movie.

I play Frankie's best friend, and I'm the one who tells him what he should do because he's sort of a troublemaker. I'll say, "Look, you really need to do your homework." After Frankie writes an essay for school, this creepy Hollywood producer takes the essay and makes it into a movie. Frankie finds out about it and we set out to get this crook to admit he stole the idea. It's a caper story and a comedy. It doesn't have a name yet. Right now they're calling it "Pay or Play".

What's Frankie like in person?

He's exactly what you would think he is. He's really sweet and really funny and smart.

Are you nervous because it's your first film?

I'm nervous because I hope I do well, but I'm more excited than nervous. I don't think I've ever played this type of character I cause she's a normal and "real" girl, and all the characters on my show are wacky and silly.

You're so normal now! Does everyone expect you to be like your goofball characters from "The Amanda Show" and "All That"?

Sure, there are always people who do, but I'm normal! I go to a regular school, and it's funny because my friends and I never talk about it. It's not, like, a topic. They've all come to see the show being taped and it's just this thing I do.

Do you wear your hair all done and total makeup when you're not in front of a camera?

No! I'm so sick of makeup! I wear so much makeup on the show -- it takes like an hour for hair and makeup to be done -- I'm just over it. When I'm at school, I basically just wear lip gloss.

Let's talk clothes. When did you start drawing your own fashion designs?

I've been drawing since kindergarten. As I watch a fashion show or an award show, I copy what I see. The Oscars have the newest fashions -that's the show I look forward to the most.

What's the easiest thing to draw and what's the hardest?

I'm not very good at drawing feet, but I think I've perfected drawing eyes. And I'd like to work on my noses. The easiest are lips, but I rarely ever show teeth -- oh, teeth are hard! Whenever I draw them they look like dentures, and really big.

What's in your closet that you wear the most?

I'm a jeans-and-T-shirt gal. On the show I wear lots of skirts and dresses, but that's so not me.

You were spotted at singer Aaron Carter's birthday party. Do you go to a lot of that glamorous Hollywood stuff?

Aaron is my friend -- we met on an All That tour -- but I'm not a wild and crazy Hollywood party-girl. I don't go out and look at guys and think "Ooh, that guy is cute!" A lot of those parties are girls and guys trying to hook up. There's a little girl in me that would rather stay home and watch a movie. I've gone to dances at my school, but I'm not the best dancer. I feel silly and awkward.

So no crush on Aaron?

When you're cute and your name is Aaron Carter, of course girls are going to like you, but I don't have a crush on him. I only went because it was his birthday party. It was weird, though, because there were cameras filming us and it felt like work.

What's something about you that would surprise a fan?

I love the dictionary! I love words and books. I'm not a big fan of math, but I love words. Like, did you know "anyways" is not a word? It's "anyway." I just finished Romeo and Juliet for school. It was very good. I like to read Agatha Christie books. I'm into mystery. I read right before bed mostly, and I feel like I have to know what every word means so I keep my dictionary next to me. I don't know why, I just have this fascination.