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    8 Of History's Most Controversial Popes

    Pope Benedict XVI may have caused doubts at first, but he had nothing on these guys (and girl).

    1. Pope Steven VI, 896-897 C.E.: Dug Up Another Pope's Corpse

    2. Pope Alexander VI, 1492-1503: Had Kids With Various Ladies, Liked Orgies

    3. Pope Benedict IX, 1012-1045: Sold The Papacy

    4. Pope Leo X, 1513-1521: Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

    5. Pope Boniface VIII, 1294-1303: Crossed By Dante

    6. Pope John XII, 955-964: Loved The Ladies

    7. Pope Joan, 1099-?: Was A Lady

    8. Pope Clement VII, 1523-1534: Grew A Beard