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29 Things Only People From The Midwest Understand

"Soda"? LOL, OK.

1. That cornhole is a very serious sport requiring Olympic-level athleticism.

2. Why Steak 'n' Shake is the greatest restaurant in the world.

3. Actually talking to your neighbors.

4. That driving in this is a piece of cake.

5. That the only way to measure distance is by hours.

6. Why this man is truly God in the flesh.

7. That Caribou Coffee beats Starbucks ANY DAY.

8. Why you cannot remain Switzerland in this situation. You must choose.

9. That Friday is fish fry night. Always.

10. The difference between pretty farmland and boring farmland.

11. ...and the good malls and the bad malls.

12. That hotdish doesn't just mean a "warmed-up plate."

13. That it took you forever to realize that not ALL girls wear this to the mall.

14. That lakes are the absolute best thing to swim in.

15. Getting lost. Getting very, very lost.

16. That the state fair is the BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE.

17. Why ranch dressing is pristine nectar of the gods.

18. That Cedar Point is pure paradise on earth.

19. That people can be nice without wanting something in return.

20. Why pre-tornado sky actually *is* interesting to talk about.

21. That saying "needs fixed" or "needs cut" is perfectly acceptable, grammatically speaking, and that's the end of that discussion.

22. That fried cheese curds are a beautiful food.

23. That fireflies are what make summer, summer.

24. Oh, and bug zappers.

25. That cottonwood fluff is pretty but will make you sneeze.

26. That puppy chow is actually quite delicious.

27. That interstate competition is fierce and NO JOKE.

28. That 40 degrees is perfectly fine shorts weather.

29. That this T-shirt speaks the irrefutable, God-ordained truth.