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    Mar 6, 2013

    28 People Having A Worse Spring Break Than You

    Your parents' couch isn't looking so bad after all.

    This girl who couldn't go on spring break but didn't miss the fun, thanks to Photoshop.

    These people who used Apple Maps to try to get to Puerto Rico.

    This guy who trusted his buddy with the Coppertone.

    This girl.

    This guy who almost went on spring break alone, then had a better idea.

    This girl who fell victim to the world's oldest prank.

    This beach ball.

    This guy and this girl.

    The people on this boat ride.

    This woman who forgot her actual sunglasses.

    These people who probably lost the dance contest.

    This girl whose sunscreen failed her.

    This kid.

    Anyone who opted for this getaway.

    This guy who was just trying to impress the ladies.

    This woman who's wearing the worst beach footwear ever.

    Whoever's driving this car.

    This family whose priceless vacation memory is lost forever.

    This girl.

    These people whose party looks weird.

    These kids.

    The people on this fishing trip.

    This guy who's wrapped in... duct tape?

    This guy.

    This guy.

    This guy.

    Basically, every guy on spring break is having a worse spring break than you.

    Especially this guy who should just give up:

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