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    27 People Who Have Made A Huge Mistake

    Regret level: EVERYTHING.

    1. This guy:

    2. This guy:

    3. This guy who taught his mom to use emojis:

    4. The person who has no one to blame for this but herself:

    5. This driver:

    6. This soggy sandwich:

    7. Whoever made this sign:

    8. This guy who attempted a fist bump with the most awkward man alive:

    9. This person:

    10. Him:

    11. This commuter:

    12. This label maker:

    13. Lenny:

    14. This person who bought a used textbook without checking it first:

    15. This person!!!

    16. The associate who got this job:

    17. The guy who tried to pet this alligator:

    18. This guy who decided to spend a fun afternoon at the game:

    19. Whoever tried to DIY their bathroom repair:

    20. This guy, whatever he did:

    21. This vending machine programmer:

    22. This man who wanted a healthy glow:

    23. The person who matted this:

    24. The exec who made this Verizon ad:

    25. This UPS driver:

    26. Whoever made this balloon:

    27. This woman:

    BONUS MISTAKE-MAKER: this pug.