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25 Photos Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

Warning: *ONLY* proceed if you want your day to be exceedingly better and smilier.

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To get started, first look at this guy:

Also, this French bulldog high-five.

And this girl whose waiter just brought her an extra bowl of BACON:

Here's a panda scarfing down his birthday cake:

Are you feeling as happy as this airplane yet?

Or as this baby elephant going into the sea for the first time?

And here's Dodgers pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu playing catch with a little boy in stands during batting practice.

This could happen to you today:

Or this:

Or you could see this flyer at a laundromat:

HOLD UP! Here's a visit from an inspirational bear:

Feeling happier yet?

Check out this tree who's just so stoked to be a tree.

And this baby elephant taking a very amazing bath.

Sometimes Rowlf the Dog plays piano in England.

And sometimes cute animals kiss while wearing hair clips.

No? How about this dachsund dressed as a giraffe?

You've seen a baby rhino smile before, right?

Wait! Here's a banana in his formalwear:

And here's a turtle eating mashed potatoes:

Still not smiling? OK, fine, here's an emergency happy duckling.

And look at this very happy girl with the world's happiest camel:

This dog who's too excited to notice gravity:

Here are some otters who want to know if your day is just a little bit cheerier yet.

And if not, just remember:

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