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    24 Bakers Who Totally Nailed It

    At least they tried.

    1. This guy who made his girlfriend a smiley face pie:

    2. This creator of demon bunny rolls:

    3. This person who's just crazy for carbs:

    4. This person whose cupcakes runneth over:

    5. This anime fan:

    6. Whoever tried to make cake pops:

    7. This person whose rainbow cupcakes weren't so lucky:

    8. This person who accidentally made a muffin casserole:

    9. This failed popcorn chef:

    10. The artist behind this blob man:

    11. Whoever created the scariest sheep ever:

    12. This person whom no one told about non-stick cooking spray:

    13. This devoted Twilight fan:

    14. The creator of this train cake, which is chugging down the road to NOWHERE:

    15. This person who just might have to throw that mug away:

    16. The baker of this minion cake, which actually looks like Homer Simpson becoming Alex Mack:

    17. This person who should NEVER have attempted this:

    18. This person:

    19. This person:

    20. Whoever made this turkey cake:

    21. The person who accidentally made a bread cauldron:

    22. This person who accidentally made water molecule bread:

    23. This graphic cookie carnage:

    24. This person who baked cookies on a plastic cutting board by mistake:

    25. The baker of this pizza, RIP: