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23 Things That Enrage New Yorkers

I'm in a New York state of mi — omg, MOOOOOOVE.

1. People who hog the Starbucks condiment counter like they're crafting a magical potion.

2. When the subway gets stuck underground.

3. Being forced to walk through Times Square.

I was just trying to walk crosstown and I forgot and ugh.

4. How Duane Reade doesn't do cash back.

I will vote for whichever mayoral candidate will mandate a cash-back policy at Duane Reade.

5. Having to call Time Warner or National Grid for anything.

6. Having to use the phone at all.

7. Cash-only restaurants.

Because yes, I always keep tons o'Benjamins on hand.

8. This on a Monday morning:

9. THIS:

10. Leaving your borough on the weekends.

11. Getting your bagel and realizing there's only a THIN layer of cream cheese.

12. Waiting for the L train.

13. When people walk slow or stop in the middle of the sidewalk.

14. Unreasonably long lines at Shake Shack.

15. Using (and paying fees for) shady bodega ATMs.


17. Oversized umbrellas.

And people who open them as they're exiting the subway station and hit people with it.

18. When someone plays music on the train sans headphones.

19. Rent prices and moving costs.

20. Lack of central AC.

21. Taxi drivers who take the long way to your destination.

Assuming you don't know any better. I live here, sir!

22. When there's subway construction and you have to switch trains or take the local track.

23. And the Red Sox.