23 People Who Found A Silver Lining

Look on the bright side!

1. This dad who will get the last laugh:

2. This guy who can’t be stopped by a flood:

3. This woman whose duty-free won’t go to waste:

4. This person who used a cracked iPhone as a canvas:

5. This runner who turned the race into a dance contest:

6. These internet commenters:

7. This bunny who is making the best of being out of ice cream:

8. The person who got this awesome tattoo:

9. This sign maker who turned traffic into a fun conversation starter:

10. This guy who broke his phone and is rolling with it:

11. This guy who’s OK with having an unassembled chair:

12. This guy who believes anything can be an excuse for a party:

13. This family who at least has a healthy sense of humor:

14. This person who got creative after the big snowstorm:

15. This kid who found a way to spice up his chores:

16. These librarians who didn’t have a real Christmas tree:

17. This person who decided to just totally embrace her nickname:

18. This person who didn’t let a broken arm get her down:

19. This guy who isn’t letting dentures be a drag:

20. These people who are making the best of bumper-to-bumper traffic:

21. This person who made good use out of that dead patch in their lawn:

22. The English muffin package designer who found the funniest way to phrase this stupid contest:

23. And this advertising team:

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