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    21 Things You Secretly Wish Were Real

    You need these. We all need these.

    1. This device:

    2. Febreze office wars.

    3. A bacon machine.

    4. This cat-man.

    5. These:

    6. Something that silences other peoples' conversations in dressing rooms.

    7. A law that bans horizontal scrolling on websites.

    8. Bears who ride bumper cars.

    9. One of these that can read your card NO MATTER WHICH WAY YOU PUT IT IN.

    10. Something that can take back texts during this universal moment of regret.

    11. Mandatory tattoo spell checking.

    12. Something to deal with this.

    13. This.

    14. Ink that doesn't do this.

    15. This highway loop:

    16. Something to fix THIS.

    17. THIS:

    18. This magazine.

    19. A USB Breathalyzer that will keep you from online shopping while drunk.

    20. These:

    21. This: