21 Signs QuizUp Is Rapidly Taking Over Your Life

Is it legal for me to marry an iPhone game yet???

1. You take your phone with you to the bathroom at work to sneak in a quick round.


2. You ignore friends and loved ones who try to talk to you during a quiz.

There’s no pause button. I CAN’T LOOK UP FROM THE SCREEN. BYE.

3. You want to put your awards on your resumé.

4. You’ve missed crucial hours of sleep due to “just one more round and then I’ll go to bed.”

5. This feeling is now more exciting to you than falling in love:

6. You’ve asked someone for a rematch because they looked cute in their avatar.

7. When you take a wild guess at the 10 second mark and it turns out to be RIGHT:

8. You and a real life friend aren’t speaking because of a QuizUp incident.


9. You smile IRL when you get a softball question, and people ask you what’s so funny.

10. When the Name the Flag category gives you “Bosnia” AND “Herzegovina”:

11. Then: I would NEVER pay for a phone game booster.

12. Now: An XP boost is HOW much? Hmmmm.

13. Lately, nothing delights you more than that tinkly opening music.

14. You’ve gone outside at a bar for a quick “smoke break.”*


15. You live for this adrenaline rush:

16. Playing one of your favorite topics makes you feel warm and soothed all over.

Hi Peter Gabriel, please revise “Solsbury Hill” to be about this.

17. Trying to choose a new topic pretty much paralyzes you.

18. This is your version of an Olympics gold medal.

19. Your idea of a romantic date is sitting side-by-side and quizzing.

20. You’ve even ventured into the forums (and quickly ventured out).

21. And every time you swear you’re going to stop playing and do something productive… hello, lover.

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