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19 GIFs We Should All Retire In 2014

Every time I see these GIFs, I'm all *Doctor Who in the rain*.

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3. Jim Carrey typing.

You'd be a liar (LIAR!) if you said you haven't seen this GIF a thousand times. I'm no internet ace, but I'd venture it's been on every list where there's a reference to using a computer. There's no masking it! Including this over and over is just making us dumb AND dumber. Ladies, let's ban this GIF forever, and gentlemen, if you want to be a tru-man, show this GIF the door.

16. Speechless Castle guy

Castle guy: "I, uh..... I, uh... no.... hmm... *breaks fourth wall, looks at camera with murderous rage* NOOO.... NOOOOOOOO STOP PUTTING ME IN YOUR TUMBLRS AHHHHHH!!!"

19. Ain't nobody got time for that lady.

That for time got nobody ain't

Time for nobody ain't that got

Got for that ain't time nobody

For ain't got nobody that time


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