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19 GIFs We Should All Retire In 2014

Every time I see these GIFs, I'm all *Doctor Who in the rain*.

1. Citizen Kane clapping.

2. Kristin Wiig in a poignant state of financial duress.

3. Jim Carrey typing.

4. Doctor Who in the rain.

5. Maggie Murdock being a huge drama queen.

6. K-Wiig slugging Yellow Tail.

7. The blogging Shiba Inu.

8. Emma Stone having a foodgasm.

9. Gooey crying guy.

10. Sarcastic Jennifer Lawrence.

11. Baby tossing money out the window.

12. Alan Rickman flipping the table.

13. Crying Dawson.

14. Raven Symone nervously chewing gum.

15. Squeeing minions.

16. Speechless Castle guy

17. Liz Lemon rolling her eyes.

18. Snape and Dumbledore partying hard.

19. Ain't nobody got time for that lady.