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    17 Brilliant People Who Are Cashing In On Pokémon Go

    Pretty smart, tbh.

    1. This pizza restaurant owner who promises you extra cheese AND Magmar.

    2. This smoothie shop owner offering a discount to players.

    3. This brilliant girl who's selling extra battery packs at a Pokéstop.

    4. This indie clothing store manager who offers Pokéballs AND some cute threads.

    5. This restaurant employee who's encouraging people to put down lures there.

    6. The folks behind this actual IRL PokéStop.

    7. This restaurant team who suddenly realized their business was a gym.

    8. This bakery in Toronto that's choosing team sides.

    9. And it's not the only one.

    10. No, seriously.

    11. Is EVERY business Team Mystic??

    12. Oh, this one's Team Valor. Phew.

    13. These guys who started a pop-up refreshments stand at a Pokéstop.

    14. And these kids who set up a lemonade stand for charity after they discovered their house was a Pokéstop.

    15. This brewery owner who's making good work of their huge sign.

    16. This pastor who promises healing potions AND eternal life.

    17. And finally, this manager of this Dairy Queen, who is just tired of your shit.