12 Reasons To Reconsider Instagramming Fireworks

True fact: Ben Franklin HATED fireworks. (I don’t know if this is true.)

1. Photos of fireworks usually turn out like this:

2. Or this:

3. Or… this:

4. A night we will remember forever:

5. I have never seen anything like this! Oh wait, I take this picture every 4th of July:

6. Oooh:

7. Instead of actually watching the fireworks, we spend the whole show with our phones up, taking photos that come out like this:

8. Annie Leibovitz could Instagram fireworks and it would still look like this:

9. Are those fireworks or just a mutant firefly:

10. OK:

11. *blasts John Cougar Mellencamp*

12. Our ancestors created the USA so we could have this:

In conclusion, you are only encouraged to take fireworks Instagrams if you can make it look like this:

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