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    11 Statistics Everyone Should Know

    Worth a read.

    1. Each year, 3.4 million people die from a contaminated water-related illness. That's almost the entire city of Los Angeles.



    To help, support an organization like Charity Water or The Water Project.

    2. Twenty-three percent of America is illiterate. Nearly 50% of the least literate Americans live in poverty.


    source: Online College Courses.

    To help, support or volunteer with an organization like Literacy Partners or Kids Need to Read.

    3. Sixty percent of nursing home residents never have visitors. More than 50% of nursing home residents have no close relatives, and 46% have no living children.


    Source: VolunteerGuide.

    To help, set up a nursing home visit in your local area. Elder Helpers can help.

    4. One woman dies every hour in India because of dowry-related crimes. Each year, thousands of young Indian women are doused with gasoline and burned to death because the groom or his family felt the dowry was inadequate.


    Source: AP.

    To help, support an organization such as Mercy Corps or Amnesty International.

    5. Twenty-seven million people are being held in modern-day slavery across the world, including 1 million children who are exploited by the sex trade.


    Source: Polaris Project.

    To help, support organizations like Safe Horizon or Not For Sale.

    6. One child dies every 20 seconds from vaccine-preventable diseases.


    Source: UNICEF.

    To help, support an organization such as Save the Children or Oxfam.

    7. In the U.S., 6–8 million dogs and cats enter animal shelters each year; 3–4 million are euthanized.


    Source: Humane Society.

    To help, adopt a rescue pet or support organizations such as ASPCA or the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

    8. Approximately 1.6 million children will experience homelessness over the course of a year. In any given day, researchers estimate that more than 200,000 children have no place to live.



    To help, support organizations such as Safe Horizon or Stand Up For Kids.

    9. In the developing world, 42% of girls are not enrolled in school.


    Source: Room to Read.

    To help, support organizations such as Build On or Stand with Malala.

    10. The Alps will lose half of their ice by approximately 2040, due to climate change.


    Source: ScienceDaily.

    To help, take some practical steps in your own life and support environmental organizations such as the Environmental Defense Fund or Greenpeace.

    11. Since the epidemic of HIV/AIDS, more than 60 million people have contracted the illness, and over 30 million have died from an HIV-related cause.

    Getty / Graeme Robertson


    To help, support AIDS research organizations or groups such as UNICEF.

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