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9 Of The Most Terrifying Scary Stories From All Over The World

These stories are collected from around the world, but they all have one thing in common: they'll make you want to sleep with the lights on tonight.

Luísa Pessoa • One year ago

A Guatemalan And A Filipino Try Each Other's Favorite Childhood Snacks

"It’s crazy how two different cultures from two different parts of the world can have so many similarities."

Matt Ortile • 2 years ago

19 Women Who Will Inspire You To Grow Your Hair Out Super Long

The bob may be the ~cool~ haircut of the moment, but long hair will never go out of style.

Jessica Lima • 2 years ago

This Is How Latinos Feel About Traveling To The US Under President Trump

"It's not the same to travel to a country where you don't feel welcome."

Susie Armitage • 2 years ago
Jessica Lima • 2 years ago

15 Times Pinterest Was Savage AF

We live in a world full of lies.

Jessica Lima • 2 years ago

22 Struggles You'll Recognize If You've Got An Average Body...Whatever That Means

You'd say you've got an "average" body type, but WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!

Jessica Lima • 2 years ago

100 Tweets That Will Always Make Latinos Laugh Their Asses Off

"Undo the fucking brujeria spell I'm not playing with you!"

Norberto Briceño • 2 years ago

15 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Attractive But Not Photogenic

Your Tinder dates are always surprised when they meet you.

Jessica Lima • 2 years ago
Jessica Lima • 2 years ago

21 Photos That Prove How Messed Up You Are

Not like you weren't aware.

Jessica Lima • 2 years ago

Argentina's President Just Picked Clinton Over Trump

Argentine President Mauricio Macri made his preference known in an exclusive interview with BuzzFeed News just outside of Buenos Aires.

Baxter • 3 years ago

We Underwent A Highly Scientific Experiment To Find If Blondes Really Do Have More Fun

A thoroughly scientific approach to the most intriguing question of our lifetime.

Sarah Burton • 3 years ago
Jessica Lima • 3 years ago
Jemima Skelley • 3 years ago

17 Questions From People Who've Never Had Anal Sex

Excuse our ignorance, boys and girls.

Jessica Lima • 3 years ago
Lauren Yapalater • 3 years ago

Raped, Pregnant Girls Are The Focus Of This Searing Photo Project

Photographer Linda Forsell says her project Children Having Children portrays the reality that many Guatemalan girls face.

Jessica Lima • 3 years ago

22 Faces Everyone Who Has Pooped Will Immediately Recognize

ONLY open this post if you've taken a shit.

Dave Stopera • 4 years ago
Jessica Lima • 4 years ago