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    21 People America Shouldn't Have To Explain To The Rest Of The World

    It's just the way we are.

    1. When this girl took her Bieber love too far:

    2. When this guy tried to convince us that he'd actually transformed himself into Charizard:

    3. When this guy found a great sale on bacon:

    4. When this guy thought it was a good idea to make his own version of Mad Max:

    5. When this guy had a great idea for a haircut:

    6. When this family didn't fully think this group photo through:

    7. When this woman had to use a leash to keep her kid under control:

    8. When this guy decided he wanted to be a mermaid:

    9. When this guy tried to improvise an umbrella:

    10. And this guy who didn't have to:

    11. When they picked the worst Halloween costume in history:

    12. When this woman got a lot of great shots of the event:

    13. This woman who loves winter:

    14. When this woman showed us that eating cheap can be sexy:

    15. When this lady made herself a quick snack on the bus:

    16. This teenager who just goes down with her ship:

    17. And this guy who's just trying to make himself comfortable:

    18. This guy who had to improvise for his #mirrorselfie:

    19. These parents who are going to embarrass their kid with this photo for the rest of their lives:

    20. Or these parents (?):

    21. And the person who thought this was a good idea:

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