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15 Times Olivier Giroud Loved Hugs More Than Anything

He truly wants ALL the hugs.

1. When he embraced his teammate after a goal.

2. And when he was just happy and wanted to show someone his love:

3. When he made this "I'm about to hug you" face:

4. And took it a step further with this big hug AND kiss for his fellow teammate, Jack Wilshere:

5. When this moment between him and Patrice Evra was more beautiful than that scene in The Notebook.

6. When he hugged Mertesacker even if he wasn't hugging him back:

7. When he wanted to whisper something to Mesut Ozil and hugged him because, WHY NOT?

8. When he snuck a hug from Tomas Rosicky and was so happy about it that he stuck his tongue out:

9. When France qualitifed for the World Cup and he embraced Mathieu Valbuena and everyone around them watched their happiness.

10. When he embraced Lukas Podolski because he felt like it:

11. When he hugged Gervinho and made him feel like everything would be alright:

12. When Santi Cazorla embraced him and made him feel like the happiest man on earth:

13. When he shared this beautiful moment with Tomas Rosicky after winning a game.

14. And when he ran to hug all his teammates...

15. ... And was ecstatic to get ALL the hugs:

Keep spreading the love, Giroud.