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I am a fun-loving, strawbrryblonde who cannot live without music. I blast The Beatles, Coldplay, and anything else that captures my heart until my ears bleed. I LOVE my life to pieces, and would not change it for anything. Well...I would move bac...
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  • Detroit Lions Fans Furious About Nickelback Halftime Show Booking

    The Detroit Lions were so bad for so long that just a few years ago there were calls by both media and fans to eliminate the team’s annual Thanksgiving Day game. But now that the team is 6-2 and on their way to a potential playoff berth, the Turkey Day matchup with their division rival, defending Super Bowl champs the Green Bay Packers, has suddenly taken on a lot more significance – which is why their fans are furious that the team has booked Nickelback to be the halftime entertainment. Read more:

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