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    27 TikTok-Famous Home Makeover Products That'll Help You Skip To The Good Part

    Featuring a fillable toilet brush and a toaster with a window!

    1. This genius magnetic tape allows non-metallic items to be attached to steel surfaces with ease.

    2. If you often find yourself down a CleanTok-shaped hole, then you'll surely have seen these Duck toilet fresh strips. They can be squeezed onto the toilet bowl to prevent limescale and add fragrance.

    3. Keep your essentials organised with this magnetic kitchen roll holder. It can be attached to metal appliances to make it easy to grab.

    4. How pretty is this wipe-clean desk pad that you can use to protect your workspace? People on TikTok love their versions for a budget-friendly spruce-up!

    5. This LED spiral lamp is giving me all the fancy hotel vibes for less than £20!

    6. I can't believe that this gel lint roller is washable and reusable, and it has a built-in squeegee! It's ideal for removing pet hair and dust from upholstery, furniture, and curtains.

    7. Meanwhile, this handy cleaning gel will help to rid awkward lil' spaces of dust and debris.

    8. Let me just say that this silicone toilet brush is genius! You can fill the handle with your fave loo cleaner and it dispenses the liquid each time you scrub!

    9. Would you believe that this popular Cif cream cleaner is just one pound? This lemon-scented product contains cleaning particles to remove dirt and leave a super shiny finish!

    10. Give your home office a bougie yet budget-friendly makeover by investing in this highly-rated magnetic glass whiteboard.

    11. Up your pantry game with this set of nine airtight food storage containers.

    12. And these minimalist and super chic kitchen food labels will spruce up your storage jars in next to no time.

    13. Get rid of clutter on your WFH desk by nabbing yourself this acrylic monitor memo board that attaches to your screen. It also comes with some colourful sticky notes, FYI.

    14. CleanTok users love Fabulosa disinfectants like this 'intense' scented one for giving multiple surfaces a once-over.

    15. Keep your beloved coffee pods stowed safely away in this capsule drawer!

    16. If you find that drying laundry indoors takes up loads of room, then this longline wall-mounted rack is about to makeover your space. It can be pulled out when you need to dry clothes, and then retracted back when it's not in use!

    17. These hexagonal touch lights can be arranged in whichever way you choose. The light colours can be changed, plus they come with a remote control and dimming mode. They'd be a super fun addition to a kids' bedroom!

    18. Up your shoe storage game by investing in these space-savers that allow you to stack your fave pairs neatly.

    19. People on TikTok have been sharing glass toasters like this rather reasonably-priced one. You can watch your bread cooking through a little window, and I mean, who wouldn't want that?

    20. Give your bathroom essentials a little tidy using these acrylic organisers that can be used for cotton pads, Q-tips, and more!

    21. Add a pop of colour to your space with these stick-on silicone vases. You can add water to them like a normal vase, and stick them onto your windows or surfaces for a little spring pick-me-up.

    22. These motion-sensor stair lights are ideal for adding some atmosphere to your home. They don't require any drilling or screws to be put into place – result!

    23. Give your bath some TLC by treating it to this famous 'TubShroom' drain protector. It helps to trap hairs and prevents clogging!

    24. This three-compartment soap dispenser attaches to your wall and can be filled with shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel for a fancy hotel aesthetic.

    25. Give your bathroom a makeover the fast way by using this grout reviver pen. It's super cheap and you simply draw it on!

    26. This firework-effect lightbulb looks like a real statement piece.

    27. If you love mending your fave home items, then this handy welder bonds and fixes loads of items with ease! The 'Bondic' is cured using UV light which turns it into a waterproof and heat-resistant bonding. It can be used on metal, PVC, wood, steel, rubber, and even to fix jewellery!