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    • jessicab86

      It always bugged me to see Flat White on café menus in Australia because even the Australians couldn’t explain to me what it was or in what way it differed from a café latte. When I asked what it was they usually said “ya know, it’s like a coffee with milk.” Thanks, that helps.  After reading that it’s a ristretto latte…. it sounds pretty pointless to me. Definitely not “hip.”

    • jessicab86

      “something that is automatic — if not always simple — for straight couples.” It’s never simple or automatic. Even straight couples haveawaiting game.Iknow people who have waited years and paid thousands of dollars in attorney fees trying to get their foreign spouse into the U.S. legally. It causesalot of stress, heartache, and worry for straight couples that go through this process;Iwould hope they would then be sympathetic of what gay bi-national couples go through as well.

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