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    14 Coffee Drinks To Break Your Coffee Rut

    You have so many more options than your regular order.

    1. Ristretto

    2. Flat white

    3. Café cubano

    4. Cortado

    5. Red eye

    6. Yuanyang

    7. Café con hielo

    8. Vietnamese iced coffee

    9. Café frappé

    10. Espresso con panna

    11. Café viennois

    12. Affogato

    13. Caffè corretto

    14. Irish coffee

    So play around with your new coffee vocab and a whole new world of caffeine will open up to you!

    This post is not meant as an exhaustive glossary of coffee drinks. For a more complete understanding of coffee terminology, check out three of the best books ever written on the topic: Left Coast Roast, The Infinite Emotions of Coffee, and The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee. Other great resources for news and city guides are Sprudge and the coffee posts Liz Clayton and Erin Meister write for Serious Eats.