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People Are Sharing The Recent Fashion Trends They Can't Stand

"No idea why people like those bulky abominations so much; they make ya look like a 'Kingdom Hearts' character."

Whenever a new trend emerges (or re-emerges after lying dormant for 20 years), people tend to have a lot of opinions about it.

When redditor u/ElBee288 asked people to share the recent fashion trends they can't stand, the comments came pouring in.

Here are some of the replies:

1. "Those microscopic luxury bags that can't even fit a phone in them."

2. "Cropped tops that look like normal-length tops in store. Why is it so difficult to find shirts that go past the belly button?"

3. "That broccoli hairstyle guys have."

Man with hair like broccoli

4. "Why are bucket hats back? They weren’t even cool when they first came out!"

Person in a fuzzy bucket hat

5. "Dried out, untrimmed, long beards."


Two pairs of flared leggings

7. "That whole Bella Swan trend where Abercrombie tops from like 10 years ago are being sold for hundreds of dollars on Depop."

Depop listing for an Abercrombie and Fitch tank and sweater set selling for $95

8. "I don't know if it's gotten beyond New Zealand, but here a lot of young guys are wearing matching shorts and shirts with fruit prints on them. I see it all the time. It's so bizarre. Pineapple has been especially popular this season."

Taika Waititi in a shirt and short set covered in pineapples

9. "I don't like the makeup trend that makes everyone look identical. Using too-dark foundation for white people or too light for Black/brown people; contouring their faces so that their noses are really thin; their lips are all perfectly round (no Cupid's bow?!). And their eyes are very heavily shadowed. I admire the skill required to do the makeup, but it disturbs me how everyone wants to look the same, plus the altering of skin tone."

10. "Going to Target to get a sundress and only finding dresses with huge collars, huge sleeves, and a hem that goes to your shins. Guess I’m going to a party with Anne of Green Gables. (Hey babe, wanna come to my house tonight? This dress covers eeeeverything!)"

Long collared dress with big sleeves

11. "Making Champion expensive AF all of a sudden just because some teen said so."

Runway model in Champion clothing

12. "Bike shorts with heels and a blazer."

Bella Hadid in bike shorts, a blazer, and heels

13. "Designer shoes that are made to look used/dirty. People spend $400+ on those. I seriously don’t get it…"

Pair of purposely scuffed up sneakers

14. "Bass Pro Shop hats. You don’t like Bass Pro Shop. You don’t fish. You probably don’t even like the hat. You’re just dressing up in a TikToker costume essentially."

A bunch of Bass Pro Shops hats

15. "The intentionally messy/spiky eyebrows trend. I have naturally super-thick, dark eyebrows and love natural-looking brows, but this trend uses gloss or hairspray or 'soap' to make the eyebrows appear jagged and all over the place. I'm just not a fan."

16. "ANKLE JEANS. When I was growing up "high water pants" were not cool. Now I can't find a pair of pants that go down to my shoes. I am a fairly cold person — why do I have to show off my ankles?"

A pair of legs in cropped jeans

17. "I cannot understand the trend around rolling up beanies and hardly wearing them on your head."

18. "Been seeing a lot of those black leather trousers lately, and all I can’t think of is Ross from Friends."

A person wearing leather pants

19. "Fila shoes. No idea why people like those bulky abominations so much. They make ya look like a Kingdom Hearts character."

Person wearing Fila sneakers

And finally...

20. "Fast fashion as a whole. Nothing but a pure waste of resources."

A Forever 21 storefront in Times Square

What's a recent fashion trend you can't stand? Sound off in the comments!