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    16 Problematic TV Moments That Somehow Happened In The Past 15 Years

    Some of these characters need higher standards for who they date.

    In terms of overall inoffensiveness, TV is, for the most part, getting better.

    It's still not perfect, though — there are plenty of moments even in relatively recent years that probably should never have happened in the first place.

    Here are 16 problematic moments from the past 15 years of television:

    1. This Gossip Girl relationship from 2007 onward

    jenny and chuck in gossip girl

    2. This "sweet" gesture in The Office from 2008

    jim halpert saying today is the day that I show Pam the house that I bought for us without telling her

    3. This Pretty Little Liars relationship from 2010 onward

    ezra and aria in pretty little liars

    4. And this one from 2011 onward

    paige and emily in pretty little liars

    5. The many, many instances of sexual assault in Game of Thrones from 2011 onward

    daenerys in game of thrones

    6. This response to Ryder's confession in Glee from 2013

    sam and artie telling ryder he should be proud and not ashamed of being molested by his teen babysitter when he was a child

    7. This Hannibal death from 2014

    beverly katz in hannibal

    8. This "unplanned" pregnancy in Shameless from 2015

    debbie saying i wanna have a baby on shameless

    9. This Outlander beating from 2015

    claire and jamie in outlander

    10. This pointless death in The 100 from 2016

    lexa dying in the 100

    11. This Stranger Things relationship from 2016 onward

    jonathan and nancy in stranger things

    12. This Riverdale dance sequence from 2017

    betty singing mad world in riverdale

    13. This onscreen suicide in 13 Reasons Why from 2017

    hannah from 13 reasons why

    14. This Legacies eating disorder "joke" from 2018

    A girl saying, "Why, so you can throw me up later?"

    15. Basically all of Insatiable from 2018 onward

    debby ryan in a fat suit in insatiable

    16. This controversial Bridgerton sex scene from 2020

    daphne and simon in bridgerton

    What recent TV moments did you find surprisingly problematic? Sound off in the comments.