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Let's See If You Agree With My Ranking Of The "Friends" Halloween Costumes

Reminder that if it comes down to pink bunny or no bunny...it's always no bunny at all.

I don't know about you, but one of my favorite things about fall is all Halloween TV episodes.

Some shows, like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Bob's Burgers, are pretty reliable when it comes to delivering Halloween episodes, and others...not so much.

Friends might seem like a show that would have a lot of Halloween episodes, but, despite its 236-episode run, it falls into that "not so much" category.

When it came to holiday episodes, Thanksgiving and Christmas got plenty of airtime, but Halloween only got a sole episode.

We did get to see some non-Halloween costumes on occasion — most notably during "The One with the Holiday Armadillo" — but it's just not the same.

A proper Halloween episode took a while to happen, too. We don't see the group celebrate the holiday until Season 8, even though there were plenty of opportunities.

It was a fun episode, though, and so I decided to rank the gang's Halloween costumes — let me know if you agree!

10. Rachel as "a woman who spent a lot of money on a dress and she wants to wear it because soon she won’t be able to fit into it."

rachel in friends

9. Chandler as a giant pink bunny

chandler dressed as a bunny in friends

8. Mona as a nurse

mona dressed as a nurse in friends

7. Monica as Catwoman

monica as catwoman in friends

6. Phoebe as Supergirl

phoebe as supergirl in friends

5. This kid as a lil' cowpoke

a little kid dressed in a cowboy outfit

4. Ross as Spud-nik/space doody

ross dressed in a potato costume with antenna on his head

3. Eric as the solar system

eric dressed as the solar system on friends

2. Gunther as Charlie Brown

1. Joey as Chandler

joey dressed as chandler in friends

Which of these Halloween costumes is your favorite? Sound off in the comments.