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    What You Need To Know About "Jodie," The "Daria" Spinoff

    I need to know when Jodie Landon will be back in our lives!

    So far, the details about Jodie, the Daria spinoff first announced in 2018, are pretty sparse, but updates have slowly been trickling in — here's what we do know about the series so far:

    For starters, it’s no longer a series.

    Jodie on Daria

    What's it about?

    Daria Morgendorffer and Jodie Landon talking to each other outdoors

    The secret is out! So excited to be working with the brilliant @TraceeEllisRoss and bringing Jodie’s story to life

    MTV,  Image Press Agency/Alamy Live News / Via Twitter: @gracyact

    Showrunner Grace Edwards told Huffington Post in December: "We’re gonna see Jodie Landon, who used to be the perfect Black teen, come to a whole other environment and realize that she was the big fish in the small pond. And now she’s a small fish in the ocean. It’s about her just growing into being an adult in a different environment than Lawndale where we get to see the 360 degree, full, three-dimensional character."

    Daria fans might remember that in Is It College Yet?, which served as a sort of extended series finale, Jodie was wrestling with the decision to go to Crestmore University (likely a stand-in for Harvard or Yale) or Turner College (presumably a stand-in for Howard University or another HBCU). She ended up choosing Turner (after a little well-intended meddling from her boyfriend Mack that worked out for the best), so it makes sense that she might end up facing a bit of an identity crisis after all those years as a "big fish," as Edwards put it.

    According to Variety’s recent report, Jodie will be facing this identity crisis in a big city, as an intern at a major tech company called Firstfinity.

    Who's involved?

    image of Tracee Ellis Ross at a red carpet

    Are any other Lawndale High alums making an appearance?

    What about newcomers?

    What about Daria?

    Daria Morgendorffer

    When will it be released?

    Quinn looking at a calendar on Daria

    Where will I be able to watch it?

    Daria and Jane watching TV on Daria

    It might be the first of multiple Daria spinoffs.

    Mystik Spiral performing on Daria

    Are you excited for Jodie? Let us know in the comments!