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    25 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About “Daria” To Celebrate Its 25th Anniversary

    You're (still) standing on my neck.

    Daria turns 25 this year, and to celebrate, I've compiled 25 behind-the-scenes facts about our favorite '90s animated realist.

    1. The character Daria Morgendorffer was meant to be a sharp contrast to the titular characters of Beavis and Butt-Head.

    Beavis and Butt-head sitting on their couch with Daria

    2. There's a real Daria out there.

    animation of daria

    3. Mike Judge had no involvement with Daria.

    Daria on Beavis and Butthead

    4. Daria almost didn't happen.

    Daria and Jane in the unaired Daria pilot

    5. It's the Frasier to Beavis and Butt-Head's Cheers.

    6. Daria was considered something of a poster child for MTV.

    7. Daria and Jane are the only characters to appear in all 65 episodes and both movies.

    8. Daria Morgendorffer was Tracy Grandstaff's first (and only major) acting role.

    9. Only a few other voice actors were responsible for just one Daria character.

    Jake Morgendorffer, Jodie Landon, and Ms. Li on Daria

    10. Helen and Quinn Morgendorffer and Jane Lane are all voiced by the same person.

    Helen, Quinn, and Jane on Daria

    11. A lot of the other Daria voice actors regularly played multiple roles.

    three high school scenes from Daria

    12. There are some famous faces among the voice cast of Daria.

    Geoffrey Arend and Upchuck on Daria

    13. A member of the Fashion Club was voiced by a Grey's Anatomy star.

    Sarah Drew and Stacy on Daria

    14. Carson Daly, Bif Naked, and Dave Grohl voiced characters in the first Daria movie, Is It Fall Yet?

    David, Alison, and Daniel in Is It Fall Yet?

    15. Each episode took 10 months to produce.

    16. Brittany's looks were modeled after Jenny McCarthy in Singled Out.

    Jenny McCarthy dressed as a cheerleader and Brittany from Daria

    17. Other celebrities subtly found their way into the show.

    Cheerleaders and the Fashion Club and their dates on Daria

    18. The writers looked to teen magazines for slang.

    Daria and Val on Daria

    19. The Mystik Spiral spinoff that could've been...

    20. Speaking of music...

    21. The theme song is a family affair.

    MTV , Facebook: video.php

    Splendora, the masterminds behind "You're Standing on My Neck," was fronted by sisters Janet and Tricia Wygal. They ended up landing the Daria gig when the band's cellist, Cindy Brolsma, who was working as a producer on the show, shared some of their music with the showrunners.

    22. There were three other options for the theme.

    Trent playing acoustic guitar on Daria

    23. Splendora created two other songs for Daria.

    24. In 2017, Susie Lewis revealed what she thinks Daria and the gang would be up to now.

    I'm watching Daria for the first time ever. I wonder what adult Daria is up to 🤔

    Twitter: @_amanduh_92

    She told Entertainment Weekly that Daria is the "only female writer on a late-night talk show" in New York City (though hopefully not only anymore, since it's been five years).

    Jane, who also lives in NYC, continues to make art and make fun of everything with Daria, while Trent is still a musician and working as a bartender (also in NYC, though he and Daria never got together).

    Quinn still lives in Lawndale and is a divorced influencer with triplets, and Helen and Jake are having a blast being retired.

    And Brittany, a weatherperson/cheerleading coach, and Kevin, a stay-at-home dad, are married with five kids.

    25. If you're wondering about Jodie and Mac, we'll find out soon enough.

    Jodie Landon on Daria

    Daria officially turns 25 on March 3. Check out Daria on Paramount+ (minus the movies) or get the DVD box set here.