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    16 International Candy Bars You Need To Try

    How have I lived my whole life without these?

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what their favorite international candy bars are.

    And although many of these can be found in the United States, they're not always the easiest to track down. Here are some of the most delicious:

    1. Wasabi Kit Kats — Japan

    2. Milka Luflée — Germany

    3. Ferrero Pocket Coffee — Italy

    4. Violet Crumble — Australia

    5. Black Thunder — Japan

    6. Cadbury Double Decker — United Kingdom

    7. Green Tea Kit Kats — Japan

    8. Cadbury Crunchie — Ireland

    9. King Choc*Nut — Philippines

    10. Nestlé Coffee Crisp — Canada

    11. Sambó Þristur — Iceland

    12. Nestlé Lion Bars — United Kingdom

    13. Cadbury Wunderbar — Canada

    14. Nestlé Chokito — Brazil

    15. Sedita Horalky Peanut — Slovakia

    16. Nama Champagne Chocolate — Japan

    Responses have been edited for length/clarity.

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