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Which International Candy Bars Are The Best?

We need to know!

If you've ever traveled outside of the states, you know just how different the candy bars can be.

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If you thought we had it good, you should see the candy aisles overseas.

For example, in Germany they have Kinder Bueno...

Instagram: @picture_canon3

It's crunchy, hazelnutty, and SO. DAMN. GOOD.

And in Japan, they have a TON of different Kit Kat flavors...

Instagram: @hay_lets_eat, Instagram: @mandymason_

From green tea to wasabi β€” seriously!

Oh, and in Australia, they have these crazy good chocolate bars called Cherry Ripes.

Instagram: @vinni_style4

They're basically just coconut and cherries covered in chocolate β€” so what's not to like?

And in India, they have these fancy chocolate bars called Amul.

Instagram: @the_girl_next_door_diaries

This particular flavor is called berrylicious and looks, well, DELICIOUS.

So, which international candy bars do you love?

Instagram: @whimsicalboy

Are there any we should petition to get to the states?

Tell us which international candy bars are absolute must-tries in the comments below and they could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!