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    12 Bad Grilling Habits You Should Break This Summer

    Here's how to become a grill master.

    Grilling is the ultimate form of summer cooking.

    1. You don't preheat your grill for long enough.

    2. You oil the grill grates instead of oiling the actual food you're cooking.

    3. You're not adjusting the air vent. (Or you keep it closed the whole time.)

    4. You don't soak your wooden skewers in water before using them.

    5. You're not taking advantage of your grill's hot spots.

    6. You're constantly opening the lid to check on your food.

    7. You're only flipping your steak once.

    8. You brush your meat with a sweet sauce too early during the cooking process.

    9. You grill thin cuts of steak while they're still partially frozen.

    10. You use a fork to pierce and flip your steaks.

    11. You don't clean your grill after using it.

    12. You don't let your steaks rest before serving them.

    Let's get grilling!