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    We Asked Restaurant Employees To Share Their Grossest Stories And DAMN They Are Nasty

    "Honestly there are no words to explain how horrifying the sight was."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the weirdest, most disturbing things they've witnessed working in restaurants — and their responses did NOT disappoint. Here are some of their most horrifying stories:

    1. The employee who unclogged an ice machine with a toilet plunger.

    2. The cook who used the same spatula to flip sandwiches and scratch himself.

    3. The orange juice machine that definitely didn't get cleaned enough.

    4. The chicken wings that were dropped on the floor and served anyway.

    5. The prep staff who cooked in literal shit.

    6. The cook who sneezed into his palms and continued to make a pizza with his bare hands.

    7. The ball of burrata cheese that went from floor to plate.

    8. The chocolate ganache that was filled with maggots.

    9. The frosted cookies that had mouse tracks on them.

    10. The moldy strawberries that were skewered and served.

    11. The leftover backwash water that was served to an unwitting guest.

    12. The grill that was covered in rat shit.

    13. The garbage cheese.

    14. The maggoty chicken that just needed a good rinsing under water.

    15. The tongs used to scrape shoe bottoms and flip steaks.

    16. The terrifying storm of roaches.

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