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Tell Us The Nastiest Things You've Witnessed Working In Kitchens

Kinda like "Kitchen Nightmares" only IRL.

Anyone who's worked in a restaurant kitchen before has undoubtedly seen some pretty weird shit...


~ Don't act like you haven't. ~

You know, stuff like bread that is wayyyyy too old to be served to anyone, but just kinda hangs out in the pantry area...

Or even worse, managers who tell you to reuse bread that is uneaten...

Getty Images

This has to be against health code... right?

Or GOD FORBID meat that is, umm, not the freshest...


And your manager telling you to just "trim off the outer brown part."

Or MAYYYYBEEEE you saw a line cook drop a steak on the floor and continue to serve it anyways.


Oh. my. gosh.

We know you've seen some weird things — and now is your chance to tell us!


No name dropping needed, we just wanna hear your grossest, most horrifying stories of working in restaurant kitchens. The gross. The weird. The I-can't-believe-I-have-to-do-this stuff.

So tell us the absolute grossest things you've witnessed working in restaurant kitchens.


We're ready to see 'em. (And we promise not to name any restaurants — we got you.) The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.