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10 Food Photos Every Basic Bitch Instagrammed In 2016

It was the year of pink drinks, rainbow bagels, and funfetti everything.

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1. The Starbucks "Pink Drink"

What is more embarrassing: ordering a "pink drink" or Instagramming one?

2. Matcha Lattes

Mmm, matcha.

3. Rainbow Bagels

Who knew a bagel could be so #basic?

4. Smoothie Bowls

So healthy! So basic!

5. Avocado Toast

Delicious, yes. Unique, no.

6. Colorful, Creative Doughnuts

ALL the flavors.

7. Bowls of Ramen

But oh-so good!

8. Sushi Platters/Boats

Instagram and sushi — two peas in an edamame pod.

9. Poké

Basic Instagram Rule #1: Raw fish = Instagram moment.

10. Anything Funfetti

It was literally the year of funfetti.

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