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What's Your Official "Teen 2017 Summer Bucket List" Score?

Was your summer filled with as many blow jobs, bikinis, and giraffes as we all hoped?

You probably remember earlier this summer when a teen's "Summer Bucket List" was supposedly found in an Urban Outfitters dressing room and went super viral.

twitter: @scorpiosars / Via Twitter: @scorpiosars

Twitter user SS claims to have found the list in an Urban Outfitters dressing room.

Some items on the list seemed pretty challenging tbh.

twitter: @scorpiosars / Via Twitter: @scorpiosars

Where would I even find a giraffe?

Others were straight-up confusing.

twitter: @scorpiosars / Via Twitter: @scorpiosars


I, for one, found a loophole for "Post 8 hoe pics to Instagram."

So now that summer's officially over, it's time to face the music. How much of the Summer Bucket List did you actually accomplish?

  1. How many summer activities did you do?

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