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Meet Simon Dunn, The First Out Gay Bobsledder

He's Aussie and he's bobbing down the slopes, straight into our hearts.

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This is Simon Dunn.

In September, Simon became the first openly gay man to represent their country in the bobsleigh.

Here he is with his fellow bearded teammates.

Simon is also pretty damn sexy!

And he plays rugby for the Sydney Convicts.

He was even ranked as one of the world’s hottest gay rugby players by Buzzfeed.

And he doesn't mind getting a little bit dirty.

In case you haven’t noticed, Simon is ALL about his beard.

And he still looks amazing without it.

Did we mention he's good with kids?

And he's single!


Simon hopes to make it all the way to the South Korea Winter Olympics in 2018.

You go Simon! Do Australia proud!

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