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11 Problems Only Lizard People Understand

It's hard being a Reptilian overlord but at least we have each other!

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1. When you just wanna die but you can't cause you're an immortal being.

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I just wanna die already! I've walked this Earth for like a bajillion years!

2. When people think that free will is real.

TBS / Via

Lizard people are the best people because we can make laws and I just made a law saying that we are the best people so suck it Craig.

3. When you can't go outside because it's one of the days the government puts poison in the snow to cull the human population.

I want to catch snow flakes on my tongue!!

4. When someone from the Illuminati takes credit for an idea you had.

CBS / Via

Jealousy is a huge problem! It's not our fault we got Obama and you got Jay Z! I got 99 problems and all of them are members of the stinkin' Illuminati.

5. When you see a dead human and you get so jealous cause you just want to die.

Disney / Via

I want to rest. Please. Please end my eternal struggle.

6. When you're really hungry for a good soul but the only people around are gingers.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

You inconsiderate pieces of garbage.

7. When nothing can physically hurt you.

All I feel is emotional pain.

8. Oh god someone seriously please kill me.

Disney / Via

I can't handle this anymore.

9. The pain I feel in my heart is too much to bear. We have to fix this. We have to find a way to die.

Disney / Via

"AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" — my brain all the time.

10. We pretend to be happy about the fact that we have enslaved humans but it is all a mask. They are the true victors in this game of life because they have won the game of death. I am Death and yet I cannot die.

Disney / Via

Sometimes the greatest move in the game of life is to not play.

11. When you get to morph into a human celebrity and everyone loves you.

I know their love is fake but it's still so fun!! hahaha

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