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The Ultimate Nicolas Cage Plausibility Chart

Things that Nicolas Cage has done in movies VS. How plausible they are in real life.

Jeremy Kaplowitz 4 years ago

8 BuzzFeed Articles Stolen From The Future

Using the magic of BuzzFeed time travel, we were able to obtain these exclusive headlines from the future of this very website!

Jeremy Kaplowitz 4 years ago

Breaking Bad And Arrested Development Are The Same TV Show

When NetFlix has so many great shows available to binge watch, it gets easier to notice that they're all exactly the same.

Jeremy Kaplowitz 4 years ago

7 Secrets For Attracting A Potential Alien Abuctor

The abduction world is difficult and scary! Even with the tons of abduction apps out there on the web, it's still hard to put yourself out there and find the "one" who will bring you to their home planet and cut open your body for alien science.

Jeremy Kaplowitz 4 years ago

11 Problems Only Lizard People Understand

It's hard being a Reptilian overlord but at least we have each other!

Jeremy Kaplowitz 5 years ago